Netlify Build Plugin - Trello List

Get data for each list found in a public Trello board

A little help to get started

Data source

The content for this page came form a public Trello board

Each list on the board results in a JavaScript object saved in data file ready for a static site generator to use during a build.

Use your own

To use a public Trello board of your own, just provide the URL for that board to the Netlify Build Plugin, and its data will be pulled in and saved ready for use before the build runs.

Deploying a quick test

If you want to quick get a copy of this example site running, you can click the deploy to Netlify button below. That will clone the code repo for this example site into your own GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket account and set up a new site on Netlify for you complete with CI/CD pipeline.

By default it will source content from the same Trello board, but you can give it a different Trello board to use as its source via the plugin config in netlify.toml

Give it a try! 👉 Deploy to Netlify

About the board

Each list on the board results in a data object you use in your build. List names are transformed into PascalCase.

Use labels to make cards appear in different build contexts.

Cards with the live label appear in the build no matter which branch your build runs in. You can filter out other cards by labelling with the name pf the branch you'd like them to appear on. So a card labelled stage would only appear in builds which run from a branch also called "stage".

This gives a simple way to have staged and live content appearing on build with different URLs.

About Netlify Plugins

This use a plugin

This site uses a Netlify Build plugin to pull in the Trello data. You can learn more about how to add this plugin to your own builds, in the git repo for the plugin.

Plugins for all!

To learn more about Netlify build plugins, like others you can use, or how to make your own plugins, take a look at the documentation.